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    Our FanRank™ algorithm automatically segments your fans into Casual, At-Risk and Super Fans so that you can super-serve each group. Try different messaging and offerings to each group to maximize sales.

    Fan Group Data Monetize

    Casual Fans

    Occasionally receptive to your campaigns, Casual Fans can often be turned into Super Fans when properly engaged. Try campaigns with clear and concise offerings to boost their involvement.

    At-Risk Fans

    At-Risk Fans are the least engaged with your campaigns. Try campaigns aimed at rewarding them for increasing their participation.

    Super Fans

    These fans are highly engaged with your campaigns and are the most likely to follow your calls to actions. They’re also the most likely to be your advocates and spread your message to others.

    Fan Engagement Points

    As fans show engagement (open emails, click links, forward, etc.) our FanRank™ algorithm gives them points. See if your fans are earning or losing engagement points week to week.

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