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    Email Campaigns


    Email is the most effective way to get your fans' attention, but we know it can sometimes be a headache. So we handle the boring stuff (like spam filters - yay!) while providing you with all the templates, targeting, and tracking features you need to make sure your emails are effective and look good.

    Forwarding Links

    Every email you send with FanBridge automatically includes a forward link to ensure that your HTML stays intact when fans pass it on to their friends.

    Facebook “Like” Buttons

    Easily add Facebook Like buttons to your campaigns with a single click so that your fans can tell the world how much they love you.

    Mass Email Sending

    With our powerful sending servers, you can send large volumes of emails quickly and effectively. All emails are CAN-SPAM compliant (so they’re more likely to reach your fans’ inboxes without a problem).

    Auto Plaintext Conversion

    More people than ever are reading their emails on smartphones. We always send a plaintext version of your campaign so that your message always gets

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