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    Group Your Fans

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    We know the importance of segmenting fans to best engage with them. Our FanRank™ algorithm automatically groups your fans into Casual Fans, At-Risk Fans, and Super Fans so that you can target each appropriately. Create your own custom groups in seconds and use geotargeting to reach fans based on their location! So many powerful options for making sure the right message gets to the right fans.

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    Standard Groups

    Every account comes preloaded with some standard groups to get you started: Fans, Street Team, Press, and the FanRank™ groups.

    Custom Groups

    Create your own groups for custom sending. Move fans from group to group or keep them in multiple groups for better targeting.


    Send campaigns to your fans based on their location. Don’t have that info? We automatically update it every time they open your campaigns!


    Group and target fans based on their engagement levels. We automatically segment them into Casual Fans, At-Risk Fans, and Super Fans.