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The FanBridge application for Zapier is a free app that allows FanBridge to be a connected source on your Zapier account. Once installed, you can use FanBridge to interact with other connected sources with Zapier acting as the automating intermediary. This includes FanBridge triggering events on other platforms, or sending data and updates from one platform to your FanBridge account.

To start, you'll want to add your FanBridge account as a connected platform on your Zapier account. Once connected, you'll be able to pull from FanBridge events or add content to parts of your account in a way that is automated and interactive with other platforms you have connected on Zapier.
For triggering actions on FanBridge, you can choose from the following:

Label Description
New Campaign Trigger an action in relation to when a new campaign is sent.
New Question Trigger an action in relation to when a new question from a fan is submitted.
New Event Trigger an action in relation to when an event on your upcoming events happens.

On Zapier, you will be able to add logic as needed so that these actions can happen at a set number of days before or after the triggering event if that is what is needed for your automation (for example, "Send an export of your email analytics to Google Drive 2 days after a new campaign is sent" or "Create a new campaign on FanBridge 7 days before a new event happens").
If you want to send data from a third-party to FanBridge, or if you want a certain action to happen on FanBridge, you can pull from the following options:

Label Description
Add Subscriber Add a new subscriber email address to your list. Include other relevant fan details and send it to a custom group of your choice.
Create Campaign Start a new email campaign and designate sender email, campaign name, and subject line. For Custom HTML, you can include the content of the email as well.
Create Event Add a new event to your upcoming events calendar to be shown in email newsletters, widgets, and your Fan Action Page.

Add new subscriber emails and other fan data to your list from a third party source

  • Create a new email campaign when a designated action of your choice happens
  • Add an upcoming event to your tour calendar from a third party source
  • Trigger events on connected third party sources when a new campaign is sent, new question is asked, or at the time of an upcoming event as stored on FanBridge
  • Export campaign analytics to another connected source

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