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The Vimeo integration on FanBridge creates and inserts a styled thumbnail into your email newsletter with just a URL.

Newsletters. When you have a Vimeo video you want to include in your email newsletter, you’ll start by dragging and dropping a Video module into your campaign while in edit mode of the Template Tool. Once positioned in the newsletter where you’d like the video to appear, select Add Video and you’ll see an option to Enter Video URL. This is where you can copy/paste your Vimeo link and submit.

We’ll generate a linked thumbnail image for that video in that space. We’ll also style that thumbnail to mimic how an embedded video would look with the play button and progress bar placement. These styles are responsive to the size of the video in your email newsletter, meaning a large video thumbnail will look like a large Vimeo video embed, and a small video thumbnail will have the same look as a small Vimeo embed.

With FanBridge's Vimeo integration, you can add your video content in seconds.

  • Add a linked video thumbnail with a copy/paste of a URL
  • Watch click-throughs increase with FanBridge's thumbnails matching Vimeo's widget styles

Vimeo is the world’s leading professional video platform and community.