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The Spotify integration on FanBridge connects the two services more than any other email marketing platform. Once connected, you'll be able to easily direct fans where you need to, tracks through email newsletters thanks to the only email platform that transforms Spotify track, album, and playlist widgets into newsletter supported content. Further, collect and store Spotify handles of fans along with email addresss to get a fuller profile of your fan base as well as take actions like following back.

Connecting. Start at the Applications > Link Social page in your FanBridge account and select the Connect button next to Spotify. You’ll be prompted through the authorization process to connect your profile to your mailing list platform. Once synced, the Spotify icon will appear on your Fan Action Page and included in your Social Links module.

Newsletters. When you have a track, album, or playlist you want to include in your email newsletter, you’ll start by dragging and dropping an Audio module into your campaign while in edit mode of the Template Tool. Once positioned in the newsletter where you’d like the player to appear, select Add Audio and you’ll see an option to insert from your synced profile or by pasting the URL to your track, album, or playlist.

Also, your Spotify icon will be an option to include among other social network icons you can add to your email campaigns; where you would have a Follow me on these social networks section.

Analytics. We’ll send you weekly and monthly updates tracking your profile’s subscriber growth along with other synced networks. We’ll deliver this to you in a regular email notice and alert on demand in your Activity Feed.

Fan Data. Fans that subscribe to your mailing list and have a Spotify handle on file with you will show up in your subscribers search on the Fans > Search and Manage page. You will be able to easily find fans where any handle is on file, and in one click navigate to the fan profile for any one-on-one engagement you might want to do on that platform.

With Spotify and FanBridge, you can collect more fan information and connect them to your music.

  • Drive traffic from your Fan Action Page to your Spotify profile
  • Collect and store fan Spotify handles for follow-up engagement
  • Include among streaming icons for tracks, albums, and playlists.
  • Add captured wigets to your newsletter for images with a high click rate
  • Track key Spotify statistics along with other social and mailing list platforms to help gauge what marketing channels are working best
  • Seamlessly include Spotify icons in the footer of your email newsletters

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