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The FanBridge application for Slack is a free app that can be installed to any Workplace you manage. Once installed, a library of slash commands will be available to seamlessly integrate essential email marketing and FanBridge account management information into your direct messages and channels.

Once the FanBridge app is installed to your Workplace of choice, anyone in that workplace can conjure the information from the library of commands below to show in direct messages or channel conversations.

Command Returns
/ Get the number of fans in your account
/ Get the number of new fans added and removed in the past week
/ Get the number of new fans added and removed in the past month
/ Get the number of followers of your connected social networks
/fanbridge.fanrank Get the number of fans in each FanRank category
/fanbridge.campaigns.scheduled Get a listing of all scheduled and running email campaigns
/fanbridge.messages Get the current remaining messages count
/fanbridge.campaigns Get the sending details of your last sent campaign
/fanbridge.plan Get the name and price of your current plan

If you connected the FanBridgeX manager account to your Workplace, you have more commands available that show composite data across all managed artist accounts.

Command Returns
/ Get the fan count for all managed accounts.
/fanbridgex.messages Get the remaining messages count for all managed accounts.
/fanbridgex.campaigns Get the date of the last sent campaign from all managed accounts.
/fanbridgex.plans Get the current plan of all managed accounts.

You can also use the single artist commands above, which will start by prompting you to choose a managed artist before loading the relevant information.

Share relevant email marketing data to your Slack conversations seamlessly

  • Grant stakeholders access to high level stats without handing over account login credentials
  • Conjure important information on either the Slack desktop or mobile app
  • Survey data across a whole roster of accounts or zero in on the email marketing performance of a particular account

Slack is a collaboration hub where you and your team can work together to get things done. From project kickoffs to budget discussions, and to everything in between — Slack has you covered.