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    Introducing The New Social Digest

    Supercharge activity in your social communities with this highly-engaging and automated weekly summary of your best social content, delivered right to your fans' inboxes each week.

    Professionally Designed, Fully Automated

    Take the hassle out of creating a great-looking email, while still giving your fans the content they want. The Social Digest layout was created by our top graphic designers to ensure that it not only looks amazing, but also performs incredibly well. Once you sync your social networks, it's entirely automated so you can set it, forget it and get more engagement (2-3x of a typical email).

    Flaunt It and Share It

    All relevant stats — Likes, Comments, Retweets, Views, etc — are included with content pieces in the Social Digest. Action-oriented buttons such as "Like," Retweet, Comment and Share are also included so fans can engage further with your top content.

    Your Fans Demand It

    65% of fans say they regularly miss important info because it gets 'lost in the feed.' 78% of fans say they would "love" a weekly email update from their influencers. Give them the best content that they probably missed the first time around in a great-looking and concise email.

    The Numbers Speak for Themselves

    Compared to typical email campaigns and social network posts, the engagement rates in the Social Digest are 2-3x larger. For instance, the average open rate of a typical email is about 15%, whereas the average open rate of the Social Digest is 30%. Similarly, the average click through rate in a typical email is 6% and a staggering 18% in the Social Digest.

    Highlights Section Personal Message to Fans Modular Content

    Best Things First

    Personalize It

    So Smart It's Scary

    Your most popular content will automatically be featured at the top of the Social Digest so that your fans get the best stuff first.

    Give your Social Digest an added personal touch by adding a note to your fans. Completely optional but it goes a long way!

    The Social Digest intelligently optimizes the layout no matter how much or little content you have. So whether you have one social network synced or four, your digest is going to look fantastic and be populated with your best content available.

    Try it now! It's as easy as 1-2-3!

    Easy to Link All Your Accounts View Previews before Sending Pause or Stop at Any Time

    1. Link

    2. Review and Approve

    3. Watch

    Link your social accounts.

    Every week, you will receive an automated email to show you exactly what your Social Digest will look like, just approve it!

    Watch as your social activity is energized by giving your fans the best you have to offer each week! Pause it, stop it and restart it at any time!

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