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Your music on Google Play. Free this week thanks to FanBridge.

Google has recently launched a new entertainment platform called Google Play, your one-stop shop for all your favorite entertainment. Now your favorite music, movies, books, apps, and games are all in one place that’s accessible from the Web and any Android device.

Google Play Logo

Why is this a big deal? Because Google Play is on over 300 million Android devices, growing by 850,000 a day. That’s millions of people carrying Google Play with them everywhere they go.

Normally you’d need to go through a label to get your music in a store like this, but you can go direct with the Google Play artist hub. Don’t miss your chance to get your music in front of these Google users for FREE this week.

That’s right, we’re working with Google to save you the normal $25 registration fee to use the Google Play artist hub, so register now while it costs $0. We’ve got you covered in four easy steps:

  1. Claim your store page
  2. Upload your original music
  3. Set your retail prices
  4. Sell your own songs

There are no per-album or annual fees, and you keep 70% of what you take in.

If you’re unsigned or own original content, then the artist hub is perfect for you. Distribute full albums, live recordings, and demos in a snap, and help fans find you on Google Play. Get your music on Google Play before 4/3 to save.

Play by your own rules. Visit

  • Lauren Fairweather

    This is so awesome. I’m already signed up, just pending review! Thank you so much, FanBridge!

  • Yonatha Maulana

    Cool Huh but can not create from indonesia

  • Amassine Omar

    Cool, thank’s

  • Noneya Bizness

    ADED.US Music Distribution can get your music on Google Play and iTunes, and Amazon, and Spotify and over 1,000 stores worldwide – only $5 a month

  • FanBridge

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  • Sameer Vashistha

    This is so obvious that has google play codes if you want then pay visit on it.


    Here are some solutions to release your music for free on Google Play, Itunes & Spotify. In other words, no payment before your release.

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