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We know, we know.  FanBridge has a lot of extras.  That’s why some of them often go unnoticed and unused, including the FanRank feature.  This unique tool allows you to see how engaged your subscribers are with just a few clicks.

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View your list separated into groups based on how often a subscriber engages with your emails.  This way, you can send specific messages to each level of fans.  Targeting campaigns to specific fans allows messages to become more relevant to each group, which results in a boost of overall engagement (open rate, clicks, etc.).  The best part?  We track all of this and group your fans for you, so you can send better messages without wasting time.

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You can see these FanRank groups by going to the Fans tab and selecting FanRank/Groups.  Click on the magnifying glass to see the full list of subscribers in each group.  You can also head to the Fans tab and select Search and Manage if you’d like to search by additional criteria.


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Super Fans


Super Fans are your biggest supporters.  They are highly engaged with your content, open most of your emails, and often click through on your calls to action.  Keeping a close relationship with these subscribers is very important!

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Casual Fans


Casual Fans are actively engaged, just to a lesser degree.  They are occasionally receptive to your content, and they support your work, but they aren’t as involved as Super Fans.  A Casual Fan can often be turned into a Super Fan if properly targeted.


At Risk Fans


An At Risk Fan is becoming less engaged with your emails over time.  They may have started as a loyal follower, but have stopped opening your emails lately.  It’s important to find that incentive to keep up their participation so they don’t lose interest altogether.


Undefined Fans


An Undefined Fan is someone who has not interacted with your emails at all.  This could mean that they are not interested, or it could simply mean that they are a brand new subscriber that hasn’t had a chance to interact with your emails yet.


Separate out the two by using the “Date Added” criteria in Search and Manage along with FanRank.  This way, you can send a targeted message to new fans, and a separate one to older and seemingly disinterested fans.


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Ways to Use FanRank


Super Fans are the most likely group  to make a purchase.  Target these subscribers with a special discount on your merchandise as a thank you for their loyalty and support.


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Bring back your At Risk Fans with a free download or other exclusive offer.  It’s hard to say no to FREE!


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Clean up your list by targeting older Undefined Fans.  Give them the chance to opt out of your mailing list or update their information.


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How Do I Send to a FanRank Group?


Use FanRank as criteria on the Target and Schedule page after you create a new email campaign.  Simply select FanRank from the drop-down menu under the Targeting section, and select which FanRank groups you’d like to target!

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Each fan is unique, and they should be treated as such.  FanRank is an easy way to accomplish that by grouping the like-minded subscribers with similar habits.  Understanding and communicating the different needs of each group can help you build a stronger bond with each individual, and ultimately build a larger following of highly engaged, supportive fans.


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