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Visual Strategies to Boost Engagement

It’s no secret that images can greatly increase social media and email engagement rates. A compelling photo or graphic can stand out amongst a sea of text and keep your audience focused. And you don’t necessarily need the most recent edition of Photoshop to make a great image! (Although it certainly helps.) There’s countless ways to create, convert and optimize images online!


Canva‘s a great free tool for anyone looking to make a quick, simple graphic!


Why Use Images?

Images generate more views than non-visual content and can even improve the reader’s retention of the information. Photos are also a great visual guidance tool. Readers tend to follow directional cues (arrows, lines, photo subject’s line of sight) in photos.


Eye-tracking Heat Map

Notice how this heat map tracked more focus from the directional cues on the 1st ad compared to the second.


Creating Graphics

A great place to start would be creating an email header for your campaigns. They add a sense of legitimacy to your emails and can help draw the reader’s attention after opening the email. Besides that, it’s always a good idea to create images relevant to your email and social media content.



Look at this Photograph…

If you’re not exactly confident in your design abilities, don’t worry! Photos are also perfect for keeping your followers engaged. Whether it’s a good ol’ selfie or maybe even a photo of you/your band behind the scenes in the studio, photos give your fans another way to connect with you. You can even connect with THEM via photos as well! Share photos your fans post that are related to you (some nice fan art they’ve made for you or showing off some cool merch they picked up at your last show or an awesome Instagram photo they took during your most recent performance) but always be sure to credit the original source!


If you’re stressed about low engagement from followers, give images a chance! Mix it up and switch between photos, gifs and graphics. Craft a compelling story with your words and images to keep fans tuned in to what you’re up to. Or just share cat gifs. You can’t go wrong with cat gifs.



I rest my case.

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