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Timeline is now available for all Facebook Fan Pages and will be mandatory in a mere thirty days. Are you wondering about the difference between Timeline and Fan Pages and what these changes mean for you? We’ve highlighted the new functionality that Timeline will bring to your page and created this quick guide to understanding Facebook Timeline for Fan Pages. We’ll be posting more updates and guides as Facebook announces further information about Timeline. Stay up-to-date and add this blog to the reader of your choice.

FanBridge's Timeline

What can I do with Timeline?

Switching Fan Pages to Timeline format immediately opens up new capabilities. We’ve broken the changes down into two parts: content and admin.


Whereas Fan Page Wall content was only linear, Timeline allows more flexibility in the content that fans see. First, page owners can highlight posts at the top of the Timeline for seven days. This gives top priority to the most important content that you’re sharing. Secondly, Timeline highlights any activity between friends and the brand. We think that this will help brands better attract friends of fans, the new insight that Facebook introduced in December 2011. Content can be sorted by the fan, as well. Fans can use a dropdown menu to choose to view Highlights and Friend Activity in addition to the original sorting options Posts by Page and Posts by Others.

Friends liking Page

Peer pressure! All your friends like this...shouldn't you?

Timeline also introduces the ability to post backdated content. If your brand history extends past the creation of your Facebook Fan Page, Timeline provides the opportunity to extend photos and posts backwards through time. Before publishing your Timeline, you may choose to fill in this information.


The basic admin panel now opens at the top of Timeline. Here, you can view notifications, new Likes, an insights graph, and messages. Yes, messages for pages. Fans will now be able to message your page just like individuals can message each other on Facebook. However, group messages including pages do not appear to be available. This should prevent some spam issues.

New Admin Panel

To access the “Edit Page” function, you’ll need to open this admin panel first. Then, click the “Manage” dropdown menu and select Edit Page. This panel looks the same as it did on the old Fan Page and functions the same way.

Have questions about the switch to Timeline? Follow us on Twitter @FanBridge for updates, email our reps  (contactatfanbridgedotcom)   directly, or give us a call at 212.464.8969. FanBridge is here to help!


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