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Email IdeasNumber 1: On a computer

Kidding! Well, you should use a computer or mobile device to create your emails, but this is a list of ideas for email campaigns. Most know that email is an important part of any marketing strategy, but when it comes time to stick to a consistent and frequent-enough campaign schedule, we hear the same thing over and over:


“But I don’t know what to send!”


Here’s a list of 14 ideas for email topics. Some are simple, some…not so much.


1. Free Downloads

Add a media file to a campaign and send it just as a way of saying, “Thanks for being a fan!”


2. Behind-the-Scenes

What happens when you aren’t performing, competing, or just in the eyes of your fans? Let them see some of the behind-the-scenes happenings. Snap a photo, add some text, and send.


3. Where you can buy stuff

There’s nothing wrong with pointing fans in the direction of a point of purchase, as long as you aren’t constantly trying to sell things to them. If merchandise is available in a new location, or a new item is out, or it’s just been awhile since you’ve done any selling to fans, try this campaign to drive some sales.


4. FAQs

Always getting asked the same things? Share your top Fan Questions in an email campaign.


5. Current Favorite Things

Fans that read your emails feel a connection to you. Share what your recent favorite things are and fans will eat up your recommendations. Feeling generous? Go a la Oprah and giveaway a copy of a favorite book, record, or movie.


6. Follow me on

Your social networking may have moved far beyond just Facebook and Twitter. Update your fans on where they can find you on Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, and more.


7. Charitable Donations

More Bono than Oprah? Put together an email of your favorite causes to share with fans. You never know when a fan might be feeling extra altruistic.


8. Holidays

The big ones are easy. But what about Floral Design Day (2/27)? Make a Hat Day (9/15)? Or National Zucchini Bread Day (4/23)? Are these silly? Very. But, a good dose of humor can keep fans engaged.


9. Videos

New video on YouTube? New campaign time. Not everyone is a YouTube channel subscriber (yet), so alert fans to your new content.


10. Discounts

This is less a campaign idea and more of a marketing one, but sending discounts through emails helps subscribers get special treatment. If you’ve promised “special offers” for joining your list, stick to your promise and send one!


11. Hobbies

Go beyond your favorite items and share your favorite things to do. Secretly a chef? Share a new recipe each month. Avid collector of stamps? Send occasional updates on additions to your obviously-exciting collection.


12. Sneak Peak

Not quite ready to reveal something big, but also worried that your fans are stuck in the dark about what you’re working on? Share a sneak peak only through email. Not only will fans get an update, but email subscribers will get special treatment and spread the word to other fans that the good info comes to those who signup.


13. How-To

Give a lesson in what you do. Make a short video, snap step-by-step photos, or even go text-only (just not plain-text). Just keep it simple and fun.


14. Blog Digest

If you blog often (at least once a week), compile your top posts into a brief email. You can try this with other types of social content, too. You could even let us do it automatically for you.

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