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A few weeks ago we asked YouTube Channel Owners how they manage and promote their videos. We wanted to gain more insight into the challenges faced growing their YouTube presence, as well as monetizing their audience. We heard back from a great cross section of video content creators, both funded and unfunded with everywhere from a handful of subscribers up to millions of subscribers. There’s some really interesting info that we’re excited to share with you.

To make it more easily digestible, we compiled the survey data into a brand new infographic (which was recently posted on Mashable) and you can check it out below:

FanBridge YouTube Survey Results Infographic

Want more info on finding success with your YouTube channel? Get more views and subscribers with our newest eBook, “3 Keys to Audience Success for YouTube Channel Owners.”

  • Scott Curts

    Great Info!!  Thank you for sharing! 

  • Increase Youtube Views

    Create a channel in YouTube for your brand, upload videos there, and hope that they effectively promote your brand.

  • Luanna

    May I use this info graphic on a blog if I put the link back to your site?

  • FanBridge

    Yes, thank you.

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