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It’s been nearly a year since damntheradio has joined the FanBridge platform, and now FanBridge is finally seamlessly combining with DTR.  No longer do you need to login to because from now on, all of your fan management needs can be handled under one login at

What does this mean for you? It means everything’s in one place: contact and content management is now under one roof. Logging in to unlocks all your fan management needs across multiple platforms and networks.

Want to sync your Facebook Fan Page with your account? Watch our tutorial video here:

If you already have both a damntheradio and FanBridge account, simply login using your FanBridge login and go to the FB Fan Page tab and select the blue “Connect with Facebook“ button at the top.

From there, using your Facebook login credentials, you’ll select one of the pages you admin to sync with your FanBridge account.  Be sure you are matching up the right page with its corresponding FanBridge account.


Have FanBridge for email but not our Facebook application? Take advantage of this powerful tool by going to the same tab and selecting the blue Activate Facebook Fan Page Now! button.  There, you’ll add the application and upload content to your page.

Have the Facebook application but not the email platform? Create your account today and make the most of these two powerful tools coming together.  Start at and put in just a few bits of information, then sync your accounts as it is shown above. And you can always start off with a free plan should you want to test the waters first.


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