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benefits of livestreaming

With many social platforms providing robust livestreaming tools that anyone can access, content creators have a phenomenal opportunity to connect with fans like never before. From Facebook Live to Instagram Stories, there’s no shortage of options to create compelling live video for your fans. Still, not every creator is quick to embrace this emerging style of social content. So we’ve come up with a few reasons why you may want to consider giving live video a try.


When you’re a small-scale marketer, it may be tough to devote a huge chunk of your budget to content creation. Fortunately, engaging live video is possible without having to break the bank. The social apps used to livestream are free (if you don’t already have them installed). And while it’s possible to shell out to create studio-quality live video, you could always opt for more of a simple camera setup or just stream right from your mobile device.



Due to recent algorithmic changes and heavy competition clogging up newsfeeds, organic social reach has been on the decline. We’ve discussed how visual content can improve engagement in the past, but live video in particular has proven itself as a juggernaut for engagement building. In fact, on top of receiving 10x the comments that regular video receives on average, Facebook Live video receives viewership for 3x as long as regular videos.


Record and Reuse

So you’ve set up and executed a solid live broadcast for your audience to tune into. But now that that’s out of the way, what’s next? Why not repurpose your broadcast as a video post? You can download your broadcast and upload it as a video post to keep your engagement momentum going strong. And if any fans missed your original broadcast, they can rewatch to stay in the loop.


Foster Relationship

Depending on your production budget, live video can seem kind of “bare bones” compared to the polished look of video on demand. However, this simplicity allows creators to interact face to face with their audience. You can take quick questions, shout out to a super fan or just give your audience an unscripted look into your life. And while viewers are enjoying your content, they’re also gaining a stronger emotional connection to you and your brand.


While there’s always the risk of a slip-of-the-tongue or technical difficulties, the benefits of livestreaming for your brand are just too grand to pass up. So grab your smartphone, set up some good lighting and get ready to go live!


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