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Favorite FanBridger Moments of 2015

2015 was a crazy year, and quite an amazing year for FanBridgers! We wanted to take the time to acknowledge some of these awesome accomplishments by FanBridgers throughout the past year. They keep surprising us with their talent and heart, month after month!

22 Ways to Use a Call to Action Button in Your Emails

Calls to action are a very important part of your newsletter! Whatever you’re sending to your most supportive fans should entice another action, and a button is a simple way to draw attention to that action and get more clicks. Using the FanBridge Template Tool, adding a button to your campaign is easy. So, how can you use a call to action button to drive clicks? We came up with a few ways.

5 Tips to Increase Your Email Engagement Rate

The success of an email campaign is largely determined by the open rate and click-through rate, or in other words, the audience’s engagement with your newsletter. It’s important to track these metrics and find ways to continuously increase engagement.

Featured FanBridger: Alex G

Alex G is a singer/songwriter who really knows how to build a relationship with her fans. As a well-known YouTuber, she’s no stranger to social media, and she is active on all platforms. Through all of these efforts, Alex makes a personal connection with her fans that is impressive.

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