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Turn Video Views into New Fan Emails with Video Gating

We recently announced the release of Video Answers for Fan Questions, the first YouTube-related project to emerge from an internal hackathon held a few weeks back.  Now, we’re please to announce the release of the second project (and winner

New! Fan Questions Widget

Over 70% of fans who ask a question with FanBridge Fan Questions signup for the fan list afterwards. So, why should this powerful (and fun!) fan base-growing tool live solely on your Fan Action Page? We love Fan Action …

FanBridge WordPress Plugin

FanBridge WordPress Plugin

It’s here! It’s here! We’ve built an email signup plugin for WordPress. Gone are the days of struggling to embed a FanBridge signup form on your WordPress-powered website or blog. The FanBridge Signup plugin for WordPress is easy to …

Events Calendar Widget

Two questions:
1) How many different sites do you have to update with your events? 
2) How many times have you forgotten one of these many sites, only to hear from fans that they didn’t know about your events because

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