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Email Just Got Louder: FanBridge’s SoundCloud Integration Makes Sending Audio Easy

We hear you, FanBridgers, and now your audience will be able to hear you even louder than before! The much-requested SoundCloud integration has come to FanBridge. Using the FanBridge Template Tool, you can send an email-friendly SoundCloud audio player with just a few clicks!

The United State of FanBridge

It’s been nearly a year since damntheradio has joined the FanBridge platform, and now FanBridge is finally seamlessly combining with DTR.  No longer do you need to login to because from now on, all of your fan management needs …

New Weekly Account Update

Someone give us a reality show because we can’t stop with these makeovers. In the past two months, we’ve redesigned, Social Digest, and the damntheradio dashboard. Time for a break? Nah. If you’re a FanBridge user, …

Introducing: The New FanBridge Fan Page Creator for Facebook

Our FanBridge Fan Page Creator has a brand new look for both you and your fans. We’ve launched a redesign of our entire dashboard to make page creation faster, easier, and more intuitive. This includes updates to the editor, audio …

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