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Signup Forms: Adding Forms to Tumblr

If you’ve built up an audience on Tumblr, then you can easily convert them to a mailing list audience using the FanBridge signup forms. Best of all, these forms can appear in different way, and a combination of these options …

Putting the FanBridge Events Widget to Use

Do you play concerts, give speeches, host parties (whether they are Google+ Hangouts or in real life), or throw other kinds of events? How many different sites and pages are you updating when you have a new event? With the …

New! Fan Questions Widget

Over 70% of fans who ask a question with FanBridge Fan Questions signup for the fan list afterwards. So, why should this powerful (and fun!) fan base-growing tool live solely on your Fan Action Page? We love Fan Action …

Setting Up Your Blog for Email Collection

Email signup forms should be everywhere, including your blog. How you collect email addresses on your blog differs by the type of blogging platform you use. We’re going to look at two major blog platforms (WordPress and Tumblr

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