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Events Calendar Widget

Two questions:
1) How many different sites do you have to update with your events? 
2) How many times have you forgotten one of these many sites, only to hear from fans that they didn’t know about your events because

Artists: Make Sure Your Fans Never Miss a Concert Again

This guest post is by Mike Harkey, US General Manager at Songkick. For more info on Songkick, read our Partner Feature here.

At Songkick, we believe an amazing concert experience can be life-changing. We built Songkick

Partner Ecosystem: Songkick

Our partner ecosystem brings new modules to your FanBridge Facebook Page. Each day, we’ll introduce one of the companies powering the new modules and show you how to quickly and easily add them to your page.

Songkick helps fans …

From “Likes” to Live Shows

There have been some changes to the DTR dashboard recently. We reorganized the modules by type so it’s easier to get your page up and running in no time. But we also snuck in a new little module called Events/Tour

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