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Get YouTube Subscribers with FanBridge: Facebook Fan Pages

We’re answering a big social media question:

How can I get more YouTube subscribers with FanBridge?

If you have a YouTube channel, you’ll want to read this carefully and catch up with our previous post on using email campaigns

A Not-So-Simple Explanation of a Marvelously Simple Facebook Timeline Solution

We are absolutely thrilled to introduce the new design of our fan page application for Facebook Timeline for pages.  Our design and product team busted their butts to create the best app for your content, because this really isn’t about …

How Do I Add Facebook Timeline Milestones?

If your Facebook Timeline is looking a little sparse, you might want to fill it in and add Facebook Timeline Milestones.

Add Milestone

Facebook Timeline Milestones are a lot of like Life Events on personal Timelines, but they have less preset categories …

Get Social With Audio

Is it hot in here…or is it just you? 

No, not you. Your songs. They’re on fire!

Cheesy pickup lines aside, we’ve just given your fans a way to say, “This track is hot!” with the fire button on the …

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