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Festival Marketing for Indie Artists

Festival Marketing

Time to break out the flower crowns and wristbands as festival season is well underway. For many small acts, this season could help make or break a career. But with all the noise surrounding these huge events, it’s a …

Using Email and Social Media at Festivals: What to Bring & How to Strategize

SXSW starts in only a couple of days, and after that, the festivals just keep on rolling in! As there are so many FanBridgers performing and attending these events, we wanted to give you a guide to keeping up with email and social media as you navigate an often exciting and hectic environment. With more fans comes more responsibility…or something like that.

FanBridgers @ SXSW 2016

We’re so excited that so many FanBridgers are doing AMAZING things at SXSW this year! Check out the full list of FanBridgers performing at SXSW below, plus our playlists!

10 things you need to know from SXSW

Every year, SXSW draws a massive crowd, inviting the biggest celebrities, the best new films, the most incredible new technology, and of course, music everywhere. In case you weren’t able to join the party, here’s 10 things you may have missed at SXSW this year: