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4 Reasons to Regularly Send Emails & How to Keep Up

One of the biggest struggles of email marketing is always figuring out what to send to your fans. Sometimes it can be tempting to just say, “Screw it,” and skip sending an email. While it’s entirely up to you, it’s important to know the risks associated with skipping a regular email campaign and the benefits of sending frequently.

Ask FanBridge: What is a good open rate?

Team FanBridge is asked quite often about that pesky open rate. What exactly is it? Why does is matter? Do I have a good or bad open rate? How do I make it better? We thought we would clear the air for you today.

Three Simple Tips for Writing Better Subject Lines

We like data. A lot. Sometimes, we’ll pull some data just out of curiosity. A little while ago, someone around FB HQ wanted to see the top 50 subject lines of the past year (based on open rates). While there …

Five Simple Ways to Stay Out Of SPAM

What’s a good way to keep a great campaign from reaching fans? Committing one of these easily avoidable mistakes. Keep your emails out of the junk folder and away from the spam filter by following our tips:


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