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4 Reasons to Regularly Send Emails & How to Keep Up

One of the biggest struggles of email marketing is always figuring out what to send to your fans. Sometimes it can be tempting to just say, “Screw it,” and skip sending an email. While it’s entirely up to you, it’s important to know the risks associated with skipping a regular email campaign and the benefits of sending frequently.

The ‘C’ Word

The ‘C’ word. It’s all over the internet. You can’t escape it; you can’t even go online without seeing one of them. We’ve even indulged in it, and so have you. Alright, alright, we’ll just say it: content. *cringes*

22 Ways to Use a Call to Action Button in Your Emails

Calls to action are a very important part of your newsletter! Whatever you’re sending to your most supportive fans should entice another action, and a button is a simple way to draw attention to that action and get more clicks. Using the FanBridge Template Tool, adding a button to your campaign is easy. So, how can you use a call to action button to drive clicks? We came up with a few ways.

FanBridge & Episodic Content: Using email to drive traffic to regular content

If you produce episodic content, then FanBridge is a great resource to help build an audience that is eager to tune-in regularly. What do we mean when we say “episodic content”? We’re referring to the type of content that contains or is part of a series that is published in segments. This can include a web series, podcast, or even a series of blog posts.

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