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HOW-TO: Targeting Facebook Posts

Did you know that you can target your Facebook posts? Your status updates, photos, events, and offers can all be targeted to select groups of Facebook fans. Targeting your updates means that you can send different messages to different groups …

HOW-TO: Change Your Twitter Header Image

Twitter is hopping on the visual content bandwagon and changing their profile design to include Header Images. These are large, engaging backgrounds for your profile information. Here’s what you need to know:

1. Header Images can be added …

Get YouTube Subscribers with FanBridge: Facebook Fan Pages

We’re answering a big social media question:

How can I get more YouTube subscribers with FanBridge?

If you have a YouTube channel, you’ll want to read this carefully and catch up with our previous post on using email campaigns

Get YouTube Subscribers with FanBridge: Email Campaigns

You’re using FanBridge to get more Likes on Facebook. You’ve read our blog posts about increasing engagement on Twitter. Now it’s time to answer another big social media question:

How can I get YouTube subscribers with FanBridge?

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