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Welcome David Dowd (VP, Brands Group) to Team FanBridge!

DavidThe FanBridge family. We tend to call ourselves a “fan-ily”, mostly because we’re nerds and we love puns. But, as close as we are, we’re always thrilled to announce a new addition. That’s why we’re happy to welcome David Dowd …

Create Emails Automatically from Tumblr with Social Digest

One of our favorite things about Tumblr is how easily it syncs with social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Yet, these posts can easily get lost in the feed. Only 16% of Facebook fans actually see content from pages. Plus, …

Free and Automated Just Got Better With Your Improved Social Digest

This week, your free Social Digest from FanBridge received an exciting facelift.

Kaskade Social Digest Video


In case you’ve missed the enormous buzz Social Digest is generating among FanBridge clients, here’s a really short video about it and why you should use it.

Social Digest Updates

Yesterday afternoon, we rolled out updates to Social Digest. Based on your feedback, we’ve modified the digest to better highlight your content. If you haven’t tried Social Digest yet or have your campaigns paused, come try it out

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