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4 Signup Form Fails that Frustrate Fans

4 signup Form Fails


A well-designed signup form is crucial when building your email list. But bad form practices can easily turn away fans or collect inaccurate info. To save yourself the headache of remedying poor email collection here’s a few “f’ed up” …

It’s Hip To Be Square: FanBridge’s New Squarespace Plugin

 Fanbridge + Squarespace (1)

We know it can be challenging to maintain a website on top of the million other things you have to deal with on a daily basis. So we try our best to lighten the load for you where ever …

Signup Forms: Adding Forms to Tumblr

If you’ve built up an audience on Tumblr, then you can easily convert them to a mailing list audience using the FanBridge signup forms. Best of all, these forms can appear in different way, and a combination of these options …

Signup Form Embed Options – Splash Pages

FanBridge signup forms can take on many kinds of looks, but they can also take on many kinds of functions as seen in the different embed options. Don’t know how each one works or which form is a good fit? …

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