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Song & Pong: Episode 10 – Kris Orlowski

Episode 10! Double digits! This month, we go head to head or, er, paddle to paddle with singer-songwriter Kris Orlowski. Is he the one to take down the (still) undefeated Team FB, or are we about to go 10-0?

kris orlowski video


Song & Pong: Episode 9 – Sister Sparrow & the Dirty Birds

How many instruments can we handle at FB HQ? Plenty, we learned, after welcoming Sister Sparrow & the Dirty Birds into the office. But first, a late night PBR-fueled ping pong showdown.

Sister Sparrow Video

Artist: Sister Sparrow and the Dirty Birds…

Song & Pong: Episode 8 – K.Flay

K.Flay served a high-speed freestyle, but how quick was her return in ping pong? On episode 8 of Song & Pong, K.Flay and Corey battle it out in one of our closest games yet.

KFlay Video

Artist: K.Flay
Song: Freestyle…

Song & Pong: Episode 7 – Miracles of Modern Science

Miracles of Modern Science know their way around string instruments…but how well can they navigate a ping pong table? On episode 7 of Song & Pong, MoMS bring their orchestral sound into FB HQ after battling Ben in pong.

MoMS Video


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