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Congrats, 2016 GRAMMY Nominees!

Every year, a new crop of FanBridgers shows up on the list GRAMMY Nominees, and we wanted to give a shout out to the newest batch! Check out all of the amazing, talented FanBridgers nominated for a 2016 GRAMMY!

3 Ways to Build the Conversation Around Your Next Tour

Planning for your next tour can be a lot of work. From booking and logistics, to promotions and marketing, to planning the actual show, it can be hard not to miss something. Of course, in all the details, it’s easy to lose sight of the reason for the tour in the first place: the FANS!

Get Social With Audio

Is it hot in here…or is it just you? 

No, not you. Your songs. They’re on fire!

Cheesy pickup lines aside, we’ve just given your fans a way to say, “This track is hot!” with the fire button on the …

3 Keys to Fan List Success for Musicians

Everyone wants to get more fans. We’ve just released a new eBook, 3 Keys to Fan List Success for Musicians. Learn 3 key basics that all musicians need to know to successfully grow and manage a fan list. In …

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