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New! Fan Questions Widget

Over 70% of fans who ask a question with FanBridge Fan Questions signup for the fan list afterwards. So, why should this powerful (and fun!) fan base-growing tool live solely on your Fan Action Page? We love Fan Action …

The Comedian’s Guide to Building a Fan Base – Email Edition

Comedians have one of the toughest jobs in entertainment. They get on stage all by themselves to try to make an often skeptical audience laugh, especially at challenging open mic stand-up gigs. Like all gig-based careers, promoters only want …

Building a Better Fan Base with the Fan Marketing Institute

Fan Marketing InstituteBuilding a better fan base is hard work and it can seem all-the-more overwhelming with new tools and tips popping up everyday. Pinterest! Instagram! Build an app! Put a QR code on it! Read ALL the blogs! Send a handwritten …

5 Quick Ways to Get More Sign Ups at Shows

It’s CMJ time in NYC.  This means there are lots of bands trying to get lots of fans. While we can’t make everyone like you (though we do have faith in your showcase!), we can share some tips on making

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