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Last Minute March Madness Bracket Picks Based on Facebook Likes

March Madness is upon us and if you haven’t yet filled out your bracket, you are in luck! We’ve filled out ours based on which team’s Facebook page has the most Likes. The one team that doesn’t have an overall …

Who Wins the Social Media Super Bowl?

Giants or Patriots? While we won’t know the winner until Sunday, we do know who’s been winning the Social Media Super Bowl this season. Which team has the most Likes and followers? Which stadium reigns supreme in check-ins?

The Patriots …

Just Because it is an Infographic, Does Not Mean it is True.

Working for anything that involves analytics or data – you work in a sea of numbers. Numbers, analytics and associated data provide us with sales points, R.O.I. for clients, and add value to any effort in the online world. Data …

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