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Email Trends of 2018

email trends of 18 (1)


A brand new year is a brand new opportunity to provide effective content for your fans, build loyalty & increase engagement. But as email marketing technology evolves, so must your tactics. To help make the best of this opportunity, …

Starting From Scratch I: Inserting a Table

If you are using the Standard HTML Creator to construct your email campaign, you can make nearly anything. But with so much freedom, where do you start?

In this four part video tutorial, we’ll step you through the process from …

Setting Up Your Blog for Email Collection

Email signup forms should be everywhere, including your blog. How you collect email addresses on your blog differs by the type of blogging platform you use. We’re going to look at two major blog platforms (WordPress and Tumblr

Events Calendar Widget

Two questions:
1) How many different sites do you have to update with your events? 
2) How many times have you forgotten one of these many sites, only to hear from fans that they didn’t know about your events because

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