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Get YouTube Subscribers with FanBridge: Facebook Fan Pages

We’re answering a big social media question:

How can I get more YouTube subscribers with FanBridge?

If you have a YouTube channel, you’ll want to read this carefully and catch up with our previous post on using email campaigns

Awesome Ideas for damntheradio: Fan-Only Album Streams

We recently acquired damntheradio, an easy-to-use platform for creating media rich Facebook pages. A lot of you have asked about tips and tricks for your pages, so we’re cutting to the chase and bringing you creative ideas all month

Fan Acquisition: What are the 3 best places and/or ways to get more fans onto your email list & what is the best incentive to give them to join?

Acquiring new fans is not always easy, especially when time is wasted in approaching people in the wrong places and/or at the wrong time. In order to grow your fan base, it’s extremely important you are able to select WHERE …

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