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Increase Fan Engagement: Answer Fan Questions with Video Answers

Last week, all three FanBridge offices teamed up and split into separate teams to tackle a week long hackathon focused on YouTube and video creators.  We’ll be releasing a handful of projects that came out of the hack week, and …

5 Ways to Increase Engagement on Your YouTube Videos

This post was written by Benny Luo and originally appeared on NewMediaRockstars

One of the biggest things I see talked about in the online video industry is “driving views.” While having this ability is important and necessary to succeed, I …

Collect Email on YouTube with Playlist Introductions

Have a YouTube channel? Listen up!

Are you looking to collect emails from people who view your videos on YouTube? (9 out of 10 smart people say “yes!”)   Most video creators like the idea of having a prompt to join

Get YouTube Subscribers with FanBridge: Email Campaigns

You’re using FanBridge to get more Likes on Facebook. You’ve read our blog posts about increasing engagement on Twitter. Now it’s time to answer another big social media question:

How can I get YouTube subscribers with FanBridge?

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