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The Importance of Geo

The Importance of Geo

When building a mailing list, the number one thing you want to collect is the email address. But what is the second thing you want to collect? Name? Birth date? Blood type?

For most marketing purposes, we see geographic information …

Fan Map: Your Mailing List Subscriber Finder

Fan Map

When building a database of fans, geographic information is incredibly useful to have. And with signup forms, landing pages, and automated geo updates, FanBridge aims to help you collect thorough information as easily as you can. But now that you …

2017 Marketing Resolutions: Collect

2017 resolutions collect

There’s no better time to improve your mailing list than right now. So we’ve come up with a few suggestions for what/how to collect from email subscribers. These tricks are sure to help increase the number of engaged fans …

Event Promotion Strategies



Touring can be brutal on a musician, which is why we try our best at FanBridge to help ease the burden so you can focus on rocking out. With our new Events page, we help make it easier …

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