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FanBridger of the Month: iJustine

Justine Ezarik, more commonly known as iJustine, is notorious for being one of the first YouTube celebrities. With hard work, sweat and tears, Justine built her own empire and became an Internet entrepreneur. Since 2006, Justine has been vlogging and creating different types of content that appeal to a whole spectrum of fans. All it took was her camera, her computer and her passion for technology.

3 Keys to Fan List Success for Musicians

Everyone wants to get more fans. We’ve just released a new eBook, 3 Keys to Fan List Success for Musicians. Learn 3 key basics that all musicians need to know to successfully grow and manage a fan list. In …

Your Best Fans Might Be Your Fans’ Best Friends

Who do you trust to tell you about new music? You might read music blogs or flip through new releases on iTunes or Spotify, but recommendations from friends probably have the most influence on your listening choices. We wanted to …

How to Sell to Fans Through Email Marketing and Social Media Without Being Pushy

There is nothing wrong with selling your product to your fans, but finding the right way to do it is key for your success. Our industry experts shared their opinions on this topic and provided valuable tips to help you …

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