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FanFunding: 3 Tools for Your Next Crowdfunding Project

Crowdfunding has transformed over the years from a promotion gimmick to a crucial channel of support for marketers. When paired with the power of email, it can be an unstoppable method for allowing creatives to fund their dream projects. To …

Target By State: Geo Made Simpler

target by state

No one should have to endure the tedium of searching for fans in a region by multiple zip codes when targeting a search or campaign. Not only can fans slip through the cracks in the process, but things can …

What is FanRank?

We know, we know. FanBridge has a lot of extras. That’s why some of them often go unnoticed and unused, including the FanRank feature. This unique tool allows you to see how engaged your subscribers are with just a few clicks.

After the Contest: Getting Value from Social Media Contests

Is your social media marketing all about contests? For many brands, a social-driven contest is a way to invigorate a fan base while building community and increasing Likes and followers. Yet, some over-rely on contests, often running them as a …

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