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Crowdfunding Your Project with IndieGoGo and FanBridge

This is a guest post from Kat Popiel at IndieGoGo. IndieGoGo is one of our partner modules for FanBridge Facebook Fan Pages. Add the IndieGoGo module to your page and start fan funding your next project directly from Facebook.

Super Bowl Social Media Payout: Which Giants Gained the Most Likes and Followers?

The Super Bowl. The biggest American sporting event of the year. Some watch it for the game, while others prefer the commercials. Some people like to just get together to eat snacks and spend time with friends. Super Bowl XLVI …

Who Wins the Social Media Super Bowl?

Giants or Patriots? While we won’t know the winner until Sunday, we do know who’s been winning the Social Media Super Bowl this season. Which team has the most Likes and followers? Which stadium reigns supreme in check-ins?

The Patriots …

Should I Use Facebook Fan Pages or Timeline? Why Data is Always King.

Timeline is coming. In a few weeks, all profiles will be moved to the Timeline format. Many have opted in to activate Timeline already, but for most Facebook users it will be a substantial change. Instead of replicating the newsfeed format on the profile, Timeline chronologically displays events, images, and activities in a more engaging and aesthetically pleasing way. If the old newsfeed-style profile was like talking about your life, Timeline is supposed to mirror actually living it.

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