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Following Up With New Fans

You played a good show or put on a great event and followed some of our tips to get more sign-ups. Now you have this list of brand new fans but not a clue how to really get the …

The 5 Things You Don’t Need to Be a Successful Artist


As an artist you will often get advice about what to do in order to push your career to the next level, acquire more fans and gain popularity. You will also have your own perception about the things that

How do I get more fan list signups at shows?

Ever wonder how to get more people to sign up for your fan list at one of your shows? Chances are, if someone is at your show, they are at least a little interested in your music. The hard part …

3 Fan List Basics for Musicians

#1. Own YOUR List!

We can’t say this enough to musicians. Having MySpace or Facebook friends is not a real fan list. Same with Twitter. They are all great services and each has a different purpose, but how much of …

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