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Holiday Marketing Content: Gift Guide

Holiday Marketing Content-Gift GuideCOPY (1)

Thinking of the perfect holiday gift last minute can be tricky whether it’s for yourself or someone else. This is where email gift guides come in handy. Not only is this a way to promote you and your work …

Powered by FanBridge: Allison Weiss

Allison Weiss is an energetic 23-year-old with an electric guitar, an avid online following, and a whole lot of feelings. With her quirky charm and sharp pop sensibilities, Weiss makes losing a little more fun. Now performing with a full …

Awesome Ideas for damntheradio: Let Fans Go Behind-the-Scenes with Exclusive Video

We recently acquired damntheradio, an easy-to-use platform for creating media rich Facebook pages. A lot of you have asked about tips and tricks for your pages, so we’re cutting to the chase and bringing you creative ideas all month

NachosNY: You Don’t Need To Be A Musician To Rock With FanBridge

FanBridge started as a tool for musicians, but now has plenty of great non-music clients who have found engaging and creative ways to use our tools to help grow their businesses. Just as bands have started to think of their …

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