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How can you convey a sense of EXCLUSIVITY to fans?

You understand the importance of treating your fans right. But how do you make a person who joins your list or follows you on a social network feel truly special?

One word: Exclusivity!

Everyone loves to be the …

Fan Engagement: What should artists do to excite inactive fans again?

Engaging fans by consistently providing exciting content and initiatives is definitely critical for cultivating a valuable and active fan base. But what happens if fans start becoming inactive? Is there any way artists can change this negative trend and recreate …

Fan Acquisition: What are the 3 best places and/or ways to get more fans onto your email list & what is the best incentive to give them to join?

Acquiring new fans is not always easy, especially when time is wasted in approaching people in the wrong places and/or at the wrong time. In order to grow your fan base, it’s extremely important you are able to select WHERE …

How do you tell if an artist has a loyal/engaged fan base? (Guest Series Part IV)

Welcome to the fourth part of our popular guest series, where we ask industry pros, artists and others with valuable perspectives to share their responses to your top of mind questions. Note, we’ve already lined up several new guest authors …

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