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FanBridge Rundown: Everything You Need To Know About Engagement

Like anyone needing to market themselves online, there’s probably a million questions about engagement on your mind. Well we’ve come up with a list of articles we’ve done in the past that should hopefully answer any questions you have on …

Last Minute March Madness Bracket Picks Based on Facebook Likes

March Madness is upon us and if you haven’t yet filled out your bracket, you are in luck! We’ve filled out ours based on which team’s Facebook page has the most Likes. The one team that doesn’t have an overall …

Understanding Facebook Timeline for Fan Pages

Timeline is now available for all Facebook Fan Pages and will be mandatory in a mere thirty days. Are you wondering about the difference between Timeline and Fan Pages and what these changes mean for you? We’ve highlighted the new …

The Social Media Value of a Grammy

Being data nerds, we realized that we couldn’t just watch the Grammys without digging a little deeper into the question on FanBridge’s mind.

What’s the social media value of a Grammy award?

We looked at last night’s biggest categories to …

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