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How You Can Use Facebook Graph Search for Your Fan Marketing

Earlier this week, Facebook introduced its latest feature, the so-called “third pillar” – the other two being the Newsfeed and Timeline.  The social network’s latest development is an integrated search engine called Facebook Graph that allows users to search for …

FanCamp: Get More Out of Your FanBridge Account

Need FanBridge help?

FanCamp Since Memorial Day was the official unofficial start of summer, we’re inviting you to camp – FanCamp. Think of it as nerdy summer camp for your FanBridge account. Sign up for either the Facebook Fan Page Session …

Facebook Timeline Just Got Better

Facebook Timeline. We’ve brought you lots of information on how to get started with it and how Timeline changes the Facebook Fan Page design. We’ve even shared some of our favorite FanBridger Cover Photos.

Now it’s time for …

Our Top Facebook Timeline Cover Photos

Timeline is here! If you haven’t read our guides to new Timeline features and adding apps to Timeline, it’s time to catch up! If you’re almost prepared but think your Timeline could use a little sprucing up, check out …

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