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FanBridge Widgets

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Our widgets page allows you to manage your signup forms and more with ease. And setting up an event calendar or video gate is quicker than ever. Simply select your kind, then your type, optimize and add it to …

Event Promotion Strategies



Touring can be brutal on a musician, which is why we try our best at FanBridge to help ease the burden so you can focus on rocking out. With our new Events page, we help make it easier …

5 Major Takeaways On Fan Engagement

From defining “engagement” to interviewing a John Mayer super fan, we delved into what makes a supportive fan, online and off. So, how do you get the most out of your fans? The simple answer is: let them get the most out of you.

6 Ways to Connect With Your Audience at Events

Remember, events are crucial to connecting with audience members, and they will either solidify and build on that connection or diminish it.

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