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5 Major Takeaways On Fan Engagement

From defining “engagement” to interviewing a John Mayer super fan, we delved into what makes a supportive fan, online and off. So, how do you get the most out of your fans? The simple answer is: let them get the most out of you.

6 Ways to Connect With Your Audience at Events

Remember, events are crucial to connecting with audience members, and they will either solidify and build on that connection or diminish it.

Putting the FanBridge Events Widget to Use

Do you play concerts, give speeches, host parties (whether they are Google+ Hangouts or in real life), or throw other kinds of events? How many different sites and pages are you updating when you have a new event? With the …

How You Can Use Facebook Graph Search for Your Fan Marketing

Earlier this week, Facebook introduced its latest feature, the so-called “third pillar” – the other two being the Newsfeed and Timeline.  The social network’s latest development is an integrated search engine called Facebook Graph that allows users to search for …

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