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Starting From Scratch I: Inserting a Table

If you are using the Standard HTML Creator to construct your email campaign, you can make nearly anything. But with so much freedom, where do you start?

In this four part video tutorial, we’ll step you through the process from …

Top Seven Most Common Email Mistakes

Don’t let simple mistakes set your email campaigns up for failure. We polled our Client Service team to find out what the most common email campaign mistakes were. These are easy-to-fix errors that cause a whole slew of issues, from …

The Importance of a Facebook Like Button in Email

This piece originally appeared on

Social Media BadgeWhen it comes to fan engagement, email is the best way to get fan attention and make an impact with your message. This doesn’t mean that social can’t boost your email performance…or that …

Social Digest Now Includes Instagram

We have more updates to Social Digest, the free automated weekly email summary of your best social content. Not familiar with Social Digest? It’s a free email newsletter that compiles your most engaging posts on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, …

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