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Email Trends of 2018

email trends of 18 (1)


A brand new year is a brand new opportunity to provide effective content for your fans, build loyalty & increase engagement. But as email marketing technology evolves, so must your tactics. To help make the best of this opportunity, …

3 Email Marketing Resolutions & How to Keep Them

Happy 2016, FanBridgers! We’re getting back in the gym, eating kale, and improving our marketing! Every year, New Year’s resolutions include lofty goals, and we don’t think about how to actually keep them. So, our first resolution is to define how to achieve our resolutions! Here’s our email marketing resolutions for 2016 and how to keep them:

10 Tools to Create & Send Amazing Holiday Emails

Happy Holidays! Music’s in the air, gifts are on the shelves, and decorations are everywhere. ‘Tis the season of giving and therefore, BUYING. Since email has the highest engagement rate of any digital channel, email is KING when it comes to online sales

[VIDEO] FanBridge Walkthrough: Take Your Email Marketing to the Next Level

Learning a new platform like FanBridge can be a daunting task. Email marketing is a big undertaking, and it’s important to know all of the features at your disposal so that you can do it effectively. FanBridge offers a lot of tools, widgets and optimizations to help you best manage these marketing efforts, but we know it comes with a learning curve. Learn how to take full advantage of your email marketing with our full account walkthrough. We separated each walkthrough video by tab, so you can learn each aspect of your account thoroughly.

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