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5 Mailing List Resolutions for the New Year

2015 is here, folks! Team FanBridge has a lot of exciting things planned in the New Year, and we’re excited to take you along with us! With that said, here are some things we think should be left in 2014.

New Feature: Auto-recurring Social Network Posts

Using social media to regularly keep in touch with your fans is important. But what if you’re really busy and often forget to send out frequent messages? Wouldn’t it be great if there were a feature that would automatically send …

Speaking To Fans Through More Than Your Music

We all know the experience, whether it’s the time you were sitting by the open window on that stormy Sunday and spent hours writing that song about your ex (who you just had a feeling was also watching the rain),

How do I get more fan list signups at shows?

Ever wonder how to get more people to sign up for your fan list at one of your shows? Chances are, if someone is at your show, they are at least a little interested in your music. The hard part …

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