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After the Contest: Getting Value from Social Media Contests

Is your social media marketing all about contests? For many brands, a social-driven contest is a way to invigorate a fan base while building community and increasing Likes and followers. Yet, some over-rely on contests, often running them as a …

Vote for our SXSW Panels!

SXSW 2013 LogoIs it really that time already? Yep, it’s time to choose SXSW panels. We’ve submitted 5 panels for 2013, but we need your votes to make sure our SXSW dreams become a reality.

Voting is easy. First, create a

Foursquare for Brands and Non-Venues

Last week, we taught you about going beyond the social basics and including Pinterest, Instagram, or Soundcloud in your social strategy. Today, I’m going to show you how Foursquare for brands can be a part of your strategy, even if …

Increase Your Twitter Engagement: Writing Retweetable Tweets

Email is great at giving your message visibility, and is also the champion at getting a higher click-through rate than posts made on social networks.  However, social networks are the perfect platform for sharing and interacting.  With their powers combined, …

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