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What the #%$^ are YouTube Analytics?

If you have a YouTube channel, you have access to important analytics for all of your videos. These analytics can give you valuable insight into how your fans are consuming your video content. They can also be used to gauge …

Why “The Artist” Won the Oscar

Awards season has (finally!) come to a close with tonight’s Academy Awards. After looking at the social statistics behind all of the nominees, we wanted to know why The Artist won the Oscar for Best Picture. Which film had the …

Should I Use Facebook Fan Pages or Timeline? Why Data is Always King.

Timeline is coming. In a few weeks, all profiles will be moved to the Timeline format. Many have opted in to activate Timeline already, but for most Facebook users it will be a substantial change. Instead of replicating the newsfeed format on the profile, Timeline chronologically displays events, images, and activities in a more engaging and aesthetically pleasing way. If the old newsfeed-style profile was like talking about your life, Timeline is supposed to mirror actually living it.

Just Because it is an Infographic, Does Not Mean it is True.

Working for anything that involves analytics or data – you work in a sea of numbers. Numbers, analytics and associated data provide us with sales points, R.O.I. for clients, and add value to any effort in the online world. Data …

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